Improving the Security of French UPVC Doors

The French style of the UPVC doors is a regular hit owing to their elegant and classy appeal. Being delicate on the security terms, these French doors need additional security to better their purposes.

One of the most common safety features that these UPVC doors come with is the deadbolt locking mechanisms, which are highly delicate. Being around one inch in length, these locks are easily violable. For security reasons, these locks can be replaced with steel locks to better the safety. You can also use two deadbolt locks for the same while placing the lock at a distance of six inches from that of the panel of the glass also betters the security of the door.

Installation of a deadbolt is an important procedure. You can make sure that you test your locks before installation, which will give you the idea about the efficiency of the lock. Another common way to keep the security factor in check is replacing the glass of your UPVC doors. The French doors usually come with a regular glass which do not offer a great quality of safety, which can however be countered with laminated glass.

In addition, if you are not much concerned with the light, you can include an opaque glass for the same. However, make sure that you are installing the glass from the inside rather than the outside of house. This simple trick will be able to help your house stay safe in case of a burglary attempt. Decorative grates as well as plastic films are also feasible options in case you do not wish to change the glass of your UPVC doors.

The French doors are nonetheless an easy target owing to their easy vulnerability, which is why security measures are important clause. In case, you live in a locality where thefts are possibilities that cannot be avoided, changing the French doors altogether would be a sound option.