Raid Your Kitchen for Cleaning Your UPVC Windows

Who would not dream of a clean house? Cleaning a room is conventionally an easy when compared to cleaning the windows. Not only are these a tad too hectic than that of vacuuming, they often yield to disasters. With a beautiful UPVC conservatory with UPVC windows, it would not be of much help to leave cleaning the windows. Although the UPVC windows do not require regular maintenance, one cannot ignore them if they have become dirty blocking the natural light. Often cases arise when one has run out on the cleaning agents and in times such as these, one should raid their kitchen to find convenient cleaning agents.

Vinegar is one of the best kitchen materials that can be used for an occasional cleaning of the UPVC windows. Vinegar is inexpensive and acts as a quick-time cleaning solution. Besides, it is also a better cleaning agent as compared to the market products which often come with a negative or two. You will have better results if you have cleaned the window sills with a damp cloth before using vinegar for the window panes.

Another of the home cleaning ingredients that can be put to use for getting the dirt off of the UPVC windows is alcohol. Alcohol is known for beating out the toughest of stains and along with ammonia and a washing detergent, your windows will look brand new and speckles.

Under circumstances where neither alcohol nor vinegar is available, one can use lemon as the simplest and quickest cleaning agent. Lemon with cornstarch and ammonia serves as a perfect cleaning agent for the UPVC windows and is effective with the removal of the tough stains such as dry dirt and mud. Lastly, cornstarch alone can work wonders for cleaning the window panes. Cornstarch with vinegar and warm water is helpful with removing the simple stains from the windows.