The Age-Old Letterboxes Have Found Their Way to the UPVC Doors

UPVC doors have become quite a hit among many UK households. Of many benefits they receive from these doors, some of the prominent ones include energy consumption, cost saving and security. Doors serve many functions apart from the standard function for which they were initially made.

Letterboxes have been in use in the UK for such a long time now and with the introduction of UPVC doors, the letterboxes have found a way to be part of these doors as well. Dropping letters and mails through the letterboxes have always been a custom in UK society. It not only makes sure that the owner finds the letter but also protects the mails from damage during snow and rain.

UPVC door letterboxes are sleek and available in three different sizes. The ones with twelve inch and ten inch in size are the standard ones for most UVPC doors. Another letterbox in 12 inch is slim-line. The metallic UPVC door letterboxes are made of steel, cast iron and chrome, and rounded or rectangular at the edges.

The UPVC door letterboxes have fire sensors for alerting the house owner of any threat of fire. It adds to the feature of security against fire of a UPVC door. These letterboxes, with fire detection system inbuilt in them, offer caution the house owners regarding any emergency or potential risk. One can also go for replacement letterboxes in case any malfunction takes place in their initial UPVC door letterbox. However, UPVC door letterboxes come with long lasting guarantee of durability.

With new gadgets and changes in lifestyle, latest technologies have taken the place of mails and letters. E-mails, mobile phone and IM have replaced the age-old habit of writing to friends and family. However, for any official document or letter that is delivered at your doorsteps, you would want some kind of security to it. UPVC door letterboxes allow you to get total access to the letters. With letterboxes installed on your UPVC front door, never miss any official document or mail.