UPVC over wood | UPVC Windows

UPVC material is fast replacing the traditional materials to make window frames in households. These windows are made from extruded polyester sections. The polyester sections, after a window is carved out of them, are then screwed, welded or bolted together to form a shape of a window. UPVC windows are available in abundance in the UK markets.

They come in various styles, colours and prices so that there is something for every household budget. If you are planning to remodel your house or purchase a new one, you can go for UPVC windows in different styles, such as casement windows, sash windows, or tilt and turn windows. These provide different amounts of sunlight and air to enter into the house, when open.

Earlier UPVC windows had just one simple white-finish look but, with changing times, UPVC doors and window frames come in different textures and finishing styles. The most popular are the wood-like finishing on the UPVC window frames. With appearance of old wood but qualities of UPVC, these windows are excellent replacement windows for your homes.

UPVC material is one of the most conveniently available and efficient materials of which window frames are made. Their manufacturing conserves energy as well as households that use it, get cheaper domestic fuel bills.

UPVC windows have many advantages over traditional wooden window frames. They provide thermal insulation if they are double-glazed. These windows also avoid dust, bacteria, pollen or harsh winds to enter into the homes. These features lack in the traditional wooden window frames. In addition, UPVC material poses no risk of termite infestation or getting rotten, which is the case with wooden materials. Maintaining the UPVC frames is easier and cheaper than maintaining wooden frames. UPVC can simply be washed and wiped to give it a new look while wood needs to be polished in each season.